For Atlas, with Hypatia, the particle identification is similar what it is in the Delphi detector, using the Wired program. Due to the energetic proton-proton collisions, many more particles are produced at the LHC than at LEP, so that the analysis of the events is considerably more difficult.

In the following exercise you should try to find some Z0 bosons among all the particles in these complex events. To make it easier, let us just look for decays of a Z0 to an electron-positron or muon-antimuon pair. Electrons and muons can be identified via the same characteristic patterns in the calorimeters and muon detectors as in the Picture Analysis LEP (see section Particle identification there)

The detected pair should have opposite charge. Clicking on the single tracks in Pick mode you get all necessary information about their charge and energy in the Track Momenta Window .