The LEP accelerator was in operation between 1989 and 2000. Then the whole machine was dismantled to make room for a new accelerator in the same tunnel. The name of the new accelerator is Large Hadron Collider, LHC.

In LHC, in contrast to LEP, colliding beams consist of protons. Collisions with much higher energy, 14 TeV, will be possible by replacing the electrons and positrons in LEP with protons in LHC. The construction of the LHC is finished and the experiments will begin soon.

Several detectors are constructed at LHC to register what happens in the particle collisions. One of these experiments is Atlas. Click on the link below to start an animation that shows how the protons move through the accelerator system at CERN and then collide in the Atlas detector. The animation needs the program Adobe Flash Player.

Start the animation

To understand what happens in a particle collision registered in Atlas you can study the chapter "Detectors".